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Chip Seal

Chip Seal

Chip seal remains the most widely used pavement maintenance technique in the United States. With over 30 years of experience, RHI is a leader in the utilization of cutting edge polymerized emulsions and specialized aggregates to provide durable surface treatments while enhancing the appearance and extending the life of the pavement.

Chip seals or bituminous surface treatments have always been a cost effective method for pavement maintenance resurfacing. They provide a fast, economical solution for projects ranging from residential driveways to interstate highways.

Ray Hensley, Inc.'s new equipment line, added in 2006, enables them to chip seal widths up to 20' in a single pass, eliminating a center joint. Consistent computer controlled application rates insure the correct amounts of emulsion and stone is applied with minimal waste, killing the excess stone problems of the past.

The chip seal division at RHI insists on top quality emulsion, stone, and equipment. “We want to provide the best chip seal application our customers have ever seen. In fact, we've considered re-naming it because it isn't your typical chip seal.”

Upscale Driveways

Customers want something new and distinctive for their homes. There has been a great interest recently in chip seal driveways. What used to be the preferred treatment for farm lanes has moved to upscale neighborhoods. With the use of different colored and textured aggregate, chip seal driveways have taken on a new life.

RHI is currently sealing with the following aggregates:

  • White limestone
  • Gray limestone
  • Red crushed tile
  • Red tile/limestone blend
  • Brown crushed stone
We would be happy to custom match your driveway to the color scheme of your property. Contact us today!