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Full Depth Reclamation

Full Depth Reclamation

FDR (Full Depth Reclamation) is a cost effective recycling option for road rehabilitation. In this process the existing flexible pavement section and a predetermined amount of the underlying base are uniformly pulverized and blended in place by self-propelled reclaimer/stabilizers. Pulverizing to this depth will help to eliminate crack patterns and rutting and results in an upgraded, homogenous, higher strength base for new pavement.

Special additives such as calciment, lime, fly ash, cement, calcium chloride, or asphalts can be blended with this pulverized material to further strengthen and stabilize the weak base.

From its start with a single prototype Bomag MPH50 to the current fleet of Reclaimer/Stabilizers of varying sizes, RHI has helped introduce a wide range of reclamation techniques and additives to municipalities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, residential communities, engineering and architectural firms, and more. These materials and methodologies have enabled RHI to recondition roadways and parking lots that customers previously thought were beyond repair.

Customers appreciate the fact that the company stands behind its work and will go to great lengths to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the quality of its work.

These factors have helped fuel the rapid growth of the company's Full Depth Reclamation division in recent years. The company has received repeat business from nearly every customer who has taken advantage RHI's innovative asphalt reclamation and recycling services.

Benefits of FDR

  • Lower costs for reconstruction due to recycling 100% of the materials already in the road
  • Cracking and rutting substantially reduced on reclaimed streets
  • Durable, high quality base material uniformly sized and compacted for greater load capacities
  • Saves project time, thus reducing the inconvenience to the motoring public. This process is faster than traditional reconstruction because there is no need to remove and haul old asphalt, aggregate, and soils to dump sites.

From wet building sites to parking lots with no base to cracked and deteriorated roads to high crowned residential streets, RHI provides its customers with cost effective alternatives to total reconstruction and undercutting. Give us your worst roads and they'll become your best!